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Environmental Science and Policy Seminar Series

The EVR seminar series is an effort to spark discussions and exchanges in a multidisciplinary setting. Speakers include scholars and practitioners from both the University of Miami and other institutions. Dates and additional information can be found here.

Matt Varkony awarded funding from the 2023 Graduate Student Coastal and Ocean Fellowship Competition

Carlie Dario invited to participate in the Institutional Analysis Development and Institutional Grammar Workshop

Steve Koller invited to participate in the RAND Corporation Summer Associate Program

Renato Molina awarded the Early-Career Research Fellowship by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Matthew Varkony awarded the National Academies of the Sciences Gulf Research Science Policy Fellowship

Edward Wintergalen invited to participate in the Student Workshop on International Coastal and Marine Management

Eighteen students from the US, Mexico, and Cuba collaborated under the guidance of professors from the Harte Research Institute to produce an environmental report card for Alacranes Reef in Mexico.

Corps should include nature-based and equitable solutions to flooding in Miami | Opinion

Three recommendations that have the potential to improve the Corps’ flood risk feasibility study to build a more-equitable Miami.

by Steve Koller and Nadia Seeteram

Environmental Dialogues

This is a series of roundtable discussions with experts and stakeholders concerning local and global environmental issues. The first session will be a webinar with the theme on Coastal Management and Marine Conservation. 

10 AM - 12 PM | September 25, 2020

Register here.

Climate gentrification and affordable housing policies | Opinion

How can coastal communities become more resilient while at same time ensuring that disadvantaged communities are not disparately impacted by sea level rise? We advocate a two-pronged approach combining private partnerships to increase resilience investments, combined with zoning and regulatory changes to increase affordability.

By David Kelly and Renato Molina