Courses Offered

Applied Environmental Economics (MES 623)

The objective of this course is to familiarize students with economic arguments and methods applied to environmental problems, such as environmental quality, natural resource management, and conservation. The course will cover economics and computer programming, but the emphasis will be set on developing communication skills to inform policy making. The class is intended for graduate students seeking to develop intuition and the skills necessary for the discussion of environmental policies.

Data Analysis for Environmental Policy (MES 624)

The objective of this class is to provide students with applied skills that will allow them to understand, discuss, and perform general quantitative analyses related to environmental policy. The course will cover required statistical background and methods, as well as an introduction to advanced topics and challenges in population and causal inference. Students will also be trained on how to use computing programming tools to manipulate data and perform analyses. The class is intended for graduate students seeking to learn modern methods and techniques for quantitative analysis of environmental problems and their application in policy making.